Break and Make: The Psychological Letter Jumble


This is a fantastic booklet if you are looking for help in dealing with a psychological problem for yourself or someone else. When you go looking for a mental health practitioner you run across the name and a list of alphabetical code letters, similar to LCSW or LPC or CAC. Going by what you see the normal person would have no idea if this person might be able to help or not.

This booklet will help in discovering what the code letters mean, which will help you find the assistance you are looking for. Moreover, if you run across a set of letters that are not in the booklet, simply send an email to and we will research them and send you an answer quickly.

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After the Jumble is explained there is a section on psychological disorders, which might help the layman figure out what might be wrong.

Use the information in this booklet at your own risk, Sand Therapy Creations is not responsible for actions taken because of the information in this booklet. Always consult a licensed mental health care professional.



Break and Make-The Psychological Letter Jumble


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