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My name is John Anthony and this site offers tools for Sand Therapists and Sandplay Therapists and all who use sand to help people connect to a positive self.

Sand Landscapes

Sand Landscapes are what I like to call, “Photographic Symbols”, they are images that are laminated (3mil or 5mil) and cut to size. The image is the same on both sides of the Landscape so that when placed in the scene they can be viewed from all sides. The Sand Landscapes laminated with 3mil pouches are flexible and can be shaped in the scene. Those laminated with 5mil pouches are more rigid.

The Break and Make Universe

I’ve become excited about making unique symbols for sand scenes. I share this to encourage you to be creative too! If I can create something unique for you let’s see what I can find. I retired, and now past my mid-70s, I enjoy the hunt for small objects that I can transform into symbols for sand therapy. We joke that this is my Break & Make Universe. I poke around second hand stores, search for objects that I think I can break (love breaking these things), and remake into symbols for sand therapy. This is an adventure – I never know exactly what may be transformed. I’ve developed an eye for finding what other’s have thrown away or donated, and then the fun of breaking, sanding, painting, transforming into something quite different. The results are always one-of-a-kind figurines. I’ll offer a few photos here in case you have interest for something out of the ordinary. There are no duplicates, but I can search around for a generic function – such as creating a bridge or wall or tree stump. Below are some ideas you might want to craft yourself, or ask me to create something for you. A symbol always depends on what is out there – what I can find to Break and Make!