Sand Landscapes – What are they?

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Sand Landscapes are what I like to call, “Photographic Symbols”, they are images that are laminated and cut to size. The image is the same on both sides of the Landscape so that when placed in the scene it can be viewed from all sides. The Sand Landscapes laminated with 3mil pouches are flexible and can be shaped in the scene.

Those laminated with 5mil pouches are more rigid.

The Sand Landscapes are created in a size that is best for your use.

When ordered on the Shop page the Landscape will be 3″ x 10″

Tray Size:

5.5″ high = Sand Landscape 5″x 11″

3.5″ high = Sand Landscape 3″x 10″

2.5″ high = Sand Landscape 2″x 8″

Square and Rectangle Sand Landscapes are also available in sizes like:

2.25″ x 2.25″ , 5″ x 7″, even 7″ x 10″ contact me and let me know what you need at

To Order please go to the Shop page